The bridge between Japan and Taiwan

TOPHR Solution DepartmentThe bridge between Japan and Taiwan

Job seekers from Taiwan

About Taiwanese

About Taiwanese

  • A shinnichi country, many people loves Japan
  • Taiwanese travel to japan several times and understanding Japanese culture
  • Many people learning Japanese.
  • Many people have foreign language skills not only English but other foreign language.
  • Have employment experience in Taiwan before them come to Japan.
About Taiwan

About Taiwan

  • Ares - 36,193 km2
  • Distance from Japan to Taiwan - 2,100km, flight time 3 hours
  • Population - 23 million
  • Language – Chinese, Taiwanese, Hakka language, Aboriginal languages etc.

About Us

  1. Merit

    ONLY Taiwanese

    Merit1 ONLY Taiwanese

    All of our job seekers are from Taiwan including New graduates/Mid-career recruitment, College student internship and working holiday job seekers.
    In addition, we have Taiwanese that could take communication with job seekers in Chinese and Taiwanese.

  2. Merit

    Taiwanese & Japanese staff

    Merit2 Taiwanese & Japanese staff

    We will hearing for job seekers‘ requirement before matchmaking work and give advise about Japanese visa apply, work troubles, life annoying etc. by email, phone or application software.

  3. Merit

    Matchmaking work interview

    Merit3 Matchmaking work interview

    We will have a interview before matchmaking work to check the job seeker is suitable for the work.
    The interview is not only for regular employee but also the temporary employee and part-time staff.