College student internship

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About college student internship

  • Sophomore, junior, senior students come to Japan about tow months(summer vacation), six months or one year for internship.
  • Students learning Japanese, Japanese culture and experience the works.
  • Students can get credits after internship.
  • The hiring conditions for internship are free dormitory and free staff meal.
  • The pay for internship is minimum wage+α, working hours on average 160 hours every month.
About college student internship

Schedule of internship

Recruitment briefing session
The recruitment briefing session and interview will be held from October to next February each year.
Admission notification
Inform the student of admission on early March.
Visa application procedures
Start applying for a internship visa from late March.
Join the company
Students join the company from late June to early September.

Agency Fees and Costs

Employers have to borne their airplane ticket(Tokyo-Taipei), other transportation costs and accommodation fee by themselves.

  • Students(Job seekers) have to borne the visa application fee.

Please contact us to ask agency fees.

We have early resignation refund system.
Agency Fees and Costs①
Agency Fees and Costs②
Agency Fees and Costs③
Agency Fees and Costs④
Agency Fees and Costs⑤
Agency Fees and Costs⑥

employers' voice

「K」 Co., Ltd.

Business contents : Sightseeing facilities' operating With the increase of foreign tourists, foreign
language talents, especially Chinese and English sightseeing tour must be necessary.
Taiwanese not only high language skills, most of the students are very diligent, work serious, and understanding “Nihon Omotenashi Culture" so that we decided to recruit Taiwan students.

「K」 Co., Ltd.

N Hotel

Business contents : Tourism industry
The reasons why we start recruit Taiwanese are difficult to find a suitable candidate for the recruitment of advertisements and reduce the personnel costs. Beside, we think that is necessary to let Japanese employees learn the diligence of foreigners.
Every Taiwan student is very serious, diligent, high learning ability, and high communication skills.
In the future, we also continue recruit Taiwan students.

N Hotel